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What if a T-shirt is all you need?

Res-T allows you to do what you love without the need for uncomfortable and bulky flotation devices. Our T-shirt is an ISO 50N certified buoyancy aid that inflates immediately using a compressed air cartridge, or with a mouthpiece.

You don’t have have to choose between performance, looks or safety – this rescue T-shirt combines all 3.












Wait, a Rescue T-shirt... What?!


Pull the cord to trigger the cartridge and inflate the shirt instantly, or use the hidden mouthpiece if you just fancy some buoyancy to relax for a moment.


After using a cartridge, just replace it with a new one and you’re ready for your next adventure. Run out of cartridges and you can always inflate by using the mouthpiece.


Res-T is a fully CE certified buoyancy aid in the category ISO 50N. It’s not for rough open seas but perfect for coastal waters, lakes and rivers where help is at hand.


It’s as light and comfortable as it looks. Most people won’t even know you’re wearing something special until it’s inflated.


The inner and outer layers of Res-T are connected by a zipper. Today you want to go with short sleeves, tomorrow with long ones? No problem!


Personalize your shirt with our modular design. Mix and match to fit your style with with multiple designs and colours.


From switching out the inner layer or replacing a used cartridge, it’s all intuitive and easy with our modular design.


Our fabric will protect you from damaging UV rays. Because the sun is harsh out there!


You are! Wearing our shirt. 😉

Watch Res-T in Action!

The Rescue T-shirt

Res-T allows you to enjoy the water unencumbered with traditional, bulky, inconvenient, obtrusive, restrictive, ugly and uncomfortable life-vests.

Our goal is for people to not let these limitations deter them from following safety regulations while at the same time enjoying their water sports and activities to the max.

  • Light, comfortable and doesn’t restrict your movements
  • Protects you from damaging UV sunlight
  • When inflated it is an ISO 50N certified buoyancy aid
  • It turns you face upwards in the water
  • It can help you swim back to the shore or to wait for help
  • You can replace the CO2-cartridge after use
  • Inflate by pulling on the magnetic cord held to the cartridge
  • You can also inflate the shirt by using the mouthpiece

Our Story so far


It was a sunny day in Zurich with a comfortable breeze, my friends and I decided to take a SUP (stand up paddle board) and do a round trip on the lake. I was quite skilled and the fastest to be in the middle of the lake.

One moment i turned myself to see where my friends had been and suddenly i lost the balance and fell into the water Maybe I banged on the board, maybe the paddle made a lever, I really don’t know how this could happen, but I clearly remember that suddenly felt extreme pain in my shoulder and it was impossible for me to swim and move my arm. Moving my legs under the water i tried to reach my friends.

To keep my head out of the water and not loosing my equipment, I tried everything to bring my SUP and paddle with me. It really wasn’t an easy job, each wave caused an incredible pain in my shoulder and made it hard for me to breath, but fortunately at the end I managed it. It seemed like an eternity but then my friends rescued me and when I reached the beach, I also managed to reposite my dislocated shoulder.

It took me quite a long time to recover from that, but what I will never forget in my life is the sensation to be lost in the water, which really becomes an element of danger when you get caught by an unexpected difficulty.

… and so my project was born!


The seed for Res-T was planted while stand up paddling in Zurich. Why look stupid for safety reasons? But no suitable solutions to this problem were on the market at that time.


The idea of looking sporty and feeling safe in water never left our head, and so our first prototype was born. Constructed with plastic bags, hot glue and a bike pump, the shirt checked all the boxes.


Wearing the prototype around friends and family showed our shirt’s potential and actual need, which led to new ideas and improvements including design and replacements for the bike pump. At that point, the obsession started.


Working long nights on improvements, sewing skills and new ideas the little project bit by bit started getting serious. It was about time to find early investors and a potential producer.


The year of action. There was and still is no holding back. While the second prototype was finished, we built a small team around the product, there were meetings with producers and our early-stage investors are about to get on board, all of which brings us closer to the launch of Res-T.

Coming Soon

The future will bring a lot including founding a company, the start of production and process of certification. In the long run, new editions with different, exciting features are about to be released and you simply won’t be able to think about swimming without having Res-T with you.

Our Team


Marco Colombo


Physiotherapist by day; the boss, visionary and MacGyver by night.



Our bridge builder between Res-T and the world.



Our creative wizard who puts magic to all visual content.

Looking for...


Our IT guy and web designer.



Our first angel investor and entrepreneur consultant.


Where can I buy a Res-T shirt?

Res-T is not on the market yet. But we will keep you updated and of course will announce, once we’re close to launch.

Is Res-T certified?

When inflated, Res-T becomes an ISO 50N certified buoyancy aid. The actual buoyancy is above 75N.

This certification specifies the safety requirements fpr buoyancy aids with a buoyancy of not less than 50N used in sheltered waters with help and rescue close at hand, under such circumstances where more bulky or buoyant devices can impair the user’s activity. It appplie to buoyancy aids used by adults or children.

Please note, this is a European Certification standard and is not valid in the USA.

Fore more details on this, please visit the ISO standards website.

Is Res-T reusable?

Yes. After using the shirt you can simply replace the empty cartridge with a new one and you’re ready to go. Also, if the shirt or the inflatable unit wears out you can replace it with a new item due to the zipper system which attaches the inflatable unit to the UV shirt/rashguard.

Are different sizes available?

Yes. The first version of Res-T will be a unisex model available in four sizes: XS, S, M and L.

Is there a children's version?

We take the safety of our small humans very serious. We will start selling the children’s version only once we have enough experience to provide the safest product possible.

Does Res-T ship worldwide?

In the beginning we will only ship to a selection of countries who fully accept the ISO standards for certification.

Do you have any other questions?

If you have any questions for us, please don’t hesitate to send us an email at hello@res-t.com and we will do our best to get back to you as quickly as possible, usually within 24 hours.

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