Marco Colombo


Physiotherapist by day; the boss, visionary and MacGyver by night.

Our Story so far


It was a sunny day in Zurich with a comfortable breeze, my friends and I decided to take a SUP (stand up paddle board) and do a round trip on the lake. I was quite skilled and the fastest to be in the middle of the lake.

One moment i turned myself to see where my friends had been and suddenly i lost the balance and fell into the water Maybe I banged on the board, maybe the paddle made a lever, I really don’t know how this could happen, but I clearly remember that suddenly felt extreme pain in my shoulder and it was impossible for me to swim and move my arm. Moving my legs under the water i tried to reach my friends.

To keep my head out of the water and not loosing my equipment, I tried everything to bring my SUP and paddle with me. It really wasn’t an easy job, each wave caused an incredible pain in my shoulder and made it hard for me to breath, but fortunately at the end I managed it. It seemed like an eternity but then my friends rescued me and when I reached the beach, I also managed to reposite my dislocated shoulder.

It took me quite a long time to recover from that, but what I will never forget in my life is the sensation to be lost in the water, which really becomes an element of danger when you get caught by an unexpected difficulty.

… and so my project was born!


The seed for Res-T was planted while stand up paddling in Zurich. Why look stupid for safety reasons? But no suitable solutions to this problem were on the market at that time.


The idea of looking sporty and feeling safe in water never left our head, and so our first prototype was born. Constructed with plastic bags, hot glue and a bike pump, the shirt checked all the boxes.


Wearing the prototype around friends and family showed our shirt’s potential and actual need, which led to new ideas and improvements including design and replacements for the bike pump. At that point, the obsession started.


Working long nights on improvements, sewing skills and new ideas the little project bit by bit started getting serious. It was about time to find early investors and a potential producer.


The years of action. There was and still is no holding back. While the second prototype was finished, we built a small team around the product, there were meetings with producers and our early-stage investors are about to get on board, all of which brought us closer to the launch of Res-T.


An extremely exciting year full of ups and downs and various challenges. The pieces of the puzzle finally started coming together, we got a chance to participate in die Höhle der Löwen on VOX TV, worked on the certification process and the production process, and we are excited to see people wearing Res-T this summer! In the long run, new editions with different, exciting features are about to be released and you simply won’t be able to think about swimming without having Res-T with you.

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.


Our Team


Marco Colombo


Physiotherapist by day; the boss, visionary and MacGyver by night.

Elmar-Christian Knobloch


The man, the myth, the legend; tasked with keeping the lights on. 

Ivan Saranovic


Our creative wizard who puts magic to all visual content.